The Importance of Critical Constructivism as a Pedagogical Approach in Online Tutorials at Distance Education Institutions


  • Lidwina Sri Ardiasih Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia (Indonesia Open University)


critical constructivism, pedagogical approach, online tutorial, distance education


E-learning as one of the impacts of technological change in this globalization era has become an important concern among educational institutions. Critical constructivism has recently been considered as a pedagogical approach in delivering an e-learning program. This approach enables the students to build their individual experiences and share those experiences with each other. The online tutorial of Psycholinguistics/PBIS4332 is offered as the student’s learning support. It is expected that during the tutorial, the student teachers are actively engaged in the learning process by sharing their ideas or experiences on the discussion forum. This article aims to (1) evaluate the students’ participation in the online tutorial of this course, (2) review some theories supporting the concept of critical constructivism, and (3) analyze how far critical constructivism has been implemented in this online tutorial. The data show that the number of students accessing and participating in this course is on average, between 40-50% of the total. Moreover, the students’ postings on the discussion forum have shown that they applied critical constructivism.



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