Effect of the Seed Morphology on the Separation Yield, Chemical Characteristics and Thickening Capacity of Carob (<i>Ceratonia siliqua L.</i>) Gums


  • Patrick Aubin Dakia 1) University of Nangui Abrogoua. Ivory Coast 2) University of Liège. Belgium
  • Marie-Michel Agnan Combo
  • Beda Marcel Yapo
  • Michel Paquot


Carob seed morphology, Locust bean gum, galactomannans, sugar composition, macromolecular size properties, solution apparent viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, radius of gyration


The present work aims at bringing new insights into the galactomannan physicochemical characteristics through an unprecedented approach: relationship between the morphology of carob seeds and corresponding gums chemical and physical properties. Therefore, four commercial carob seeds with different granulometries were studied. Their endosperms (Locust bean gum, LBG) were evaluated in term of yield, chemical composition, sugar composition and macromolecular and rheological properties. Acid dehulling furnished a gum yield in the range of 39.4-42.0%. The greater size of the seeds allowed an easier dehulling and a production of more and purer gum flour. The viscosity of 1% LBG aqueous solutions varied widely from 903 to 2081 mPas and appeared to be influenced by the seed size. The mannose to galactose ratio, of the extracted gums, did not show clear difference that may explain the difference in viscosity. However, the macromolecular size values for intrinsic viscosity [η] and radius of gyration (Rg) of the extracted gums, increased from 11.73 to 13.64 dl.g-1 and from 71.7 to 76.6 nm, respectively, with increasing seed morphology. Moreover, the total galactomannan content varied from 74.88 to 83.79 with increasing seed size. The best thickening properties were observed for the gum from the seeds with the highest size, in consistence with their macromolecular features, combining probably with their total galactomannan content. The physicochemical characteristics of locust bean gum flours were found to be dependent on the carob seeds morphology.

Author Biography

Patrick Aubin Dakia, 1) University of Nangui Abrogoua. Ivory Coast 2) University of Liège. Belgium

Department of Food Science and Technology (STA).


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