Lack of Effective Communication among Couples in Ekiti State, Nigeria


  • V. C. Okafor General Studies Department Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti


Lack of effective communication, Couples and Ekiti State


The study investigated the effects of lack of effective communication among couples in Ekiti State. The sample consisted of 240 married persons (120 couples) from four (4) randomly selected local government areas of the 16 LGAs in the state. Simple random sample techniques were used to select the participants for data collection. The data collected were analyzed using t-test analysis. The two hypotheses generated were tested at 0.05level of significance. The instrument for the study was titled “communication among couples†had a reliability coefficient of 0.69. The results showed that lack of effective communication affects relationship of couples. It was therefore recommended that appropriate communication patterns should be encouraged among couples so as to avoid problems in their marriages.



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