Repositioning Kogi State Primary Education Sub Sector for Effective Teaching and Learning


  • Isaac Abdul Odiba
  • Pauline Ann Baba
  • Esther Amina Akuh


Repositioning, education, effective, teaching and learning, teacher and Nigeria


The main thrust of this paper is repositioning Kogi State primary education sub-sector for effective teaching and learning.  Education was described as a process of learning that assist in the provision of suitable skills, training the youth for economic, social, cultural and political responsibilities, individual transmission and transformation of social, economic and cultural structure from generation to generation.  Primary education was considered in this paper as the first official foundation of the Nigerian education system and it is given in institutions to children aged 6years to 11+.  The teacher and teacher professional development; the environment for effective teaching and learning were identified as the two basic areas to be considered in repositioning the primary education sub sector.  The principles that underscore effective teaching and learning were identified.  Likely challenges of repositioning the primary education sub sector in Kogi state were fathomed.  It was the recommendation of this paper among others that information and communication facilities should be provided in our primary schools.



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