A Call for Teachers: A Sine Qua Non for National Transformation in the 21st Century


  • Isaac Abdul Odiba
  • Pauline Ann Baba
  • Esther Amina Akuh


Teachers, national transformation, professional development


This paper was focused on a call for teachers as a tool for transforming the Nigerian education system in the twenty first century.  The word teacher was considered as referring to persons in schools that are responsible for the education of Learners.  Again, the teacher was described as the centre between knowledge and learning and at the same time the hub of the nation's educational system.  The characteristics and the leadership qualities of a teacher were identified.  The need for teachers’ performance improvement and personal development together with the threats to the call for teachers were stressed.  It was recommended among others things that a conducive environment should be provided for teachers to improve their performance and professional development.


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