Research on the Quality and Promotion Path of Master Degree Thesis


  • Zhixin ` Zhang School of Economics, Shandong University of Technology Zibo, China
  • Qibiao Zhang Guilin Tourism College, Guilin, China
  • Xiaobing Yang Department of Teaching, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, China



Dissertations, master of professional degree, graduate training quality


The quality of dissertations is the basic core of the development of professional degree postgraduate education.  With the transformation of economic development mode and the steady progress of the construction of an innovative country, the demand for professional degree postgraduates in economic and social development has increased significantly. The result is that the number of significant growth and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The most prominent is that the quality of professional degree postgraduates represented by dissertations has declined to varying degrees.  Through on-the-spot investigation, this paper concludes that there are four prominent problems in the quality of professional degree master 's degree thesis : the topic is not suitable, the research is not deep enough, the content is not innovative and the writing is not standardized.  Therefore, it is possible to achieve the goal of improving the quality of professional degree master ' s degree papers only by strictly controlling the topic selection, adhering to the problem research orientation and implementing the basic attributes of innovation.


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