Application of the ITIL Method for Management in Practice


  • Domagoj Car
  • Miroslav Car Faculty of mechanical engineering, Zagreb
  • Mirela Car



management, manager, ITIL method, IT support 


The chosen basic and the most important one is the ITIL method. An investigation hypothesis is set, that system and processes are not in sufficient measures in line with theoretical settings from the literature and with some of those are from good practices. It is researched and conducted in the spirit of analytics with the aim of alternative and possible better application of ITIL legality. Collected and analyzed facts and data are compared with the theoretical settings of the ITIL method in management with my own 10 years of experience, knowledge and skills, applicable in good practices. By applying previously cited entries, there is a need to propose ways and conditions of correction of applying the ITIL method, with more successful results. Entire procedures of the ITIL Method are supported by IT. Acknowledgement is dedicated to Domagoj Car, bacc.oec., because of processing his own Expert final work on Graduate studies.

Author Biography

Miroslav Car, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Zagreb

retired college professor


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