Manager Architecture for Mobile Cloud Computing-Cloudlet based


  • Miada Al-masre King Abdulaziz University
  • Fathy Alburi


Mobile cloud computing, cloudlet, agent, cloudlet manger, mobile user


In this paper, multi agents will be addressed as tools for managing Cloudlet, Cloudlets with rich resources are a strategy in Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) that reduce one hop latency and the bandwidth demand of mobile users. However, cloudlets require a mechanism to manage an intensive application that needs augmented cognitive ability of users. They also need to be handled by a system capable of providing low latency results to the user. Ultimately, the importance of mobile configuration of the cloud management system is mainly to control the mobility and changes in proper ways that guarantee that the systems are not going to fail and increase the sense of reality.

Configuration mobile management is based on agent technology that has developed during many years, but because a mobile cloud is still in its first decade with little research, it had recently merged with agent technology to manage a cloudlet. So our prototype may help to control some portable applications that need intensive processes with fewer latencies such as image processing, speech recognition, video streaming and augmented reality.




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