A Miniature Study on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


  • V. Anantha Krishna Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sahasra College of Engineering Warangal


Manets, Protocol, Wireless, AdHoc Applications, Infrastructure


The wireless ad_hoc networks consist of a collection of wireless nodes, that communicate over a common wireless medium. The nodes communicate without an infrastructure. In the past few years, the industry   have seen a rapid expansion in the field of mobile computing due to the proliferation of inexpensive, widely available wireless devices. However, current devices, applications and protocols are solely focused on cellular or wireless local area networks, not taking into account the great potential offered by mobile ad hoc networking. A mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous collection of mobile devices, that communicate with each other over wireless links and cooperate in a distributed manner in order to provide the necessary network functionality in the absence of a fixed infrastructure. This type of network, operating as a stand-alone network or with one or multiple points of attachment to cellular networks or the Internet, paves the way for numerous new and exciting applications. This paper provides insight into the potential applications of ad_hoc networks and discusses the technological challenges that protocol designers and network developers are faced with.



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