Improving Transmitted Signal in Wireless Body Area Network Transmission using The Cost-231 Hata Model


  • Majdi Al-Sahli
  • Navarun Gupta


Wireless Body Area Network, Cost-231 Hata, Path-loss Propagation, Digital Signal Processing


In this research, a solid, power effective and high throughput directing convention for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) is proposed. Multi-jump topology to attain least vitality utilization and more system lifetime is utilized. Moreover, an expense capacity to select guardian hub or forwarder is proposed where the expense capacity chooses a guardian hub, which has high lingering vitality and least separation to sink. Leftover vitality parameter adjusts the vitality utilization around the sensor hubs while separation parameter guarantees fruitful parcel conveyance to sink. Recreation outcomes indicate that our proposed convention boosts the system strength period and hubs stay alive for more periods. It is because of the way that the way misfortune engendering is minimized by utilizing Cost-231 Hata model for the more soundness period that helps high bundle conveyance to sink which is real enthusiasm for ceaseless patient observing and to cover larger geographical area region and with greater accuracy.

Author Biography

Majdi Al-Sahli

Computer Engineering Departments


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