Development of an Access Point Positioning Algorithm under the Changing in Environment and Users’ density Estimation


  • Twahir Kazema Nelson Mandela Institute, School of Mathematica Computatinal and Communication Science and Engineering, Nambala, Arusha
  • Michael Kisangiri
  • Dina Machuve


SINR, beta, spatial, coverage


In many wireless networks a single hop is all that is needed or in fact tolerable.  The physical region where network is available is known as a coverage area. Generally, a transmitter and a receiver may exchange data by using one or more intermediate relays. In each case a path through the network must be found whereby each hop has a Signal to Interference Noise Ratio greater than ß. There are several ways to describe and compute network connectivity, but at the core, they all need that individual pairs are able to communicate, which is dictated by the SINR. This paper is going to develop an Access Point positioning algorithm by considering the changes of environment and users’ density estimation.


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