PSO Based Optimization Technique for Wireless Optical Communication


  • Jabeena A. VIT University
  • Jayabarathi T. VIT University
  • Saurabh Gupta VIT University
  • Ankit Kumar Singh VIT University


wireless optical systems, particle swarm optimization, relaying, fading channels


Analysis of relay-assisted transmission to overcome fading effect in long range wireless optical communication channel considering atmospheric turbulence as a fading effect and  implementing serial and parallel relaying configuration through particle swarm optimization(PSO) technique to find an optimized solution of relay locations so as to minimize the outage probability and improve the performance. Also, comparison is done by plotting outage probability function with different power margin values and number of relays used. The fading effect considered in this paper is mainly due to atmospheric turbulence and channel model which takes into account this effect of turbulence is induced log-normal fading model where the fading variance is distance-dependent in wireless optical system.




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A., J., T., J., Gupta, S., & Singh, A. K. (2013). PSO Based Optimization Technique for Wireless Optical Communication. Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems, 1(1). Retrieved from