Ergonomics and Ergonomic Analysis of Driving Education System by Personal Car-2


  • Kata Car
  • Julijana Hadjina
  • Mirela Car
  • Domagoj Car
  • Miroslav Car Faculty of mechanical engineering, Zagreb



ergonomics,   education system, driving frequency of errors, IT processing


The subject of IT-supported car training/education system was selected for the research below in the previous article. For the well-known hypothesis, out of the three existing parts, the driver-machine-car subsystem was first selected to handle the theoretical hypothesis; presented later. Thus, the following eight subsystems or parts for human participants are listed: nerve area; sense of sight or visual organ of the eye; hearing aid or hearing organ ear; motion observations; psychological factors, mental and psychomotor properties; individuals' reactions and causes of reactions; types of drivers; the influence of alcohol on road safety. In the practical part of the article, based on the vast amount of data, several analyzes were conducted. The vast amount of data requires multiple publication of the complete content of the thesis, where each new content unit / article must have both parts, both theoretically and practically. To our knowledge, a unique list of 19 types of errors was made, with a detailed description of them. The terms of different types of driving are explained in particular: polygon, city traffic and examinations, as well as the differences between them. In the series of analysis, the terms driving type, teaching unit, candidate and driving hours were taken as the independent variable, while the error types with the predominant frequency characteristic were taken as the dependent variable. Practical parts are supported with IT processing. Appropriate ideas and measures for improvement have been proposed. The articles gratefully acknowledges Prof. B.Sc. Marijan BiÅ¡Äanić and prof. Ph.D. Dragutin MikÅ¡ić for their contribution.


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Car, M., HaÄ‘ina, J., Car, M., BiÅ¡Äanić, M.: Ergonomics and Ergonomic Analysis of Driving Education System by Personal Car with Supporting IT, Asian Journal of Computer and Information Science (ISSN: 2321-5658), Volume 06-Issue 02, October 2019.




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