A Feature Based Facial Image Morphing System


  • Jya-Kai Chang, Wei-Fen Hsieh
  • Shih-Chieh Chen
  • Lieu-Hen Chen
  • Yasufumi Takama


Facial image morphing, Feature-based


Nowadays, with the rapid advances in technology, our life was filled with a variety of social media, online dating websites, forums, App…etc. Most of personal profiles demand a head shot photograph as important personal information. However, not everyone wants to show their private picture on the internet. Moreover, many people don’t want to use a boring picture for representing themselves.

Morphing is an image processing technique used to change one image into another through a seamless transition. This technique is used in many fields.

In this paper, we propose a user-friendly system to synthesize interesting facial pictures by morphing them with other features. Through a simple GUI, which enables users to manually draw feature lines, users can interactively produce vivid morphing animation from one face to arbitrary shapes. Using these pictures as head shots can not only help protecting personal privacy, but also increase the attraction of the personal profile.


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