Ergonomics and Ergonomic Analysis of Driving Education System by Personal Car with Supporting IT  


  • Miroslav Car Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb, University of Zagreb Zagreb
  • Julijana HaÄ‘ina
  • Mirela Car
  • Marijan Biščanić



ergonomics, education system, IT, personal car driving


The subject of the car education / training system, with IT support, was selected for research. The hypothesis was set: to analyze the theory and empiricism of the collected data and to determine the characteristics for the elements of the system and the influences among them. The necessary updating and reworking of the sample operation was made. A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science called Ergonomics and Ergonomic Analysis have been selected for this very complex research. First, all the individual parts of the system are presented right down to the theoretical facts, then the individual parts in the subsystem are presented, and finally the whole ergonomic system is presented. In the practical part of the article, many analyzes were performed on the basis of the vast amount of data collected, based on six characteristics. From mathematical statistics and probability theory, major analyzes were performed, including two types of different sample sizes, with cumulative and average values. The enormous scope requires multiple content publishing, where each individual article must have both parts, theoretical and practical. Concrete ideas and measures for implementation have been proposed. Practical parts are supported with IT. The article  is  aknowledgement to late B.Sc.Mech.Eng. Marijan BiÅ¡Äanić and prof. Ph.D. Dragutin MikÅ¡ić for their contribution.


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