The Challenges in the Post-Epidemic Era:From Education, Tourism and e-Commerce Perspectives


  • Ju Chun Ou Overseas Chinese University



Post-epidemic era, COVID-19, distance learning, e-commerce, artificial intelligence


In this post-epidemic era, all aspects of life are interlinked. Everything in life is changing at a very fast pace. Human beings have to make rolling adjustments to cope with different situations to achieve a balance in the lives. For examples, in the education industry, distance learning has played the biggest role during this period, allowing students to learn without interruption. Moreover, with the growth of E-commerce, online celebrities make full use of live streaming platform to promote and introduce products to create astonishing revenues. In addition to that, tourism, which people concerned the most, has also been affected. Manufacturers have advanced deployment of emerging non-contact technologies and applications with potential market, including robots and artificial intelligence with new business opportunities after COVID-19. (蘇孟宗, 2020) During this period of the epidemic, the online ticket booking and reservation have breakthrough growth. However, the online experiences and more convenient functions will become the key elements for consumers to determine whether the platform will maintain the sustainable development.

As a result, the researcher will explore the impact and coping strategies of COVID-19, especially for Taiwan's economic restructuring, the service industry, and the education and technology industry in the post epidemic era. With an implementation of online questionnaire, the researcher has gained a better understanding of the post-epidemic era affecting tourism, education and E-commerce, and how to transition or respond in the wake of COVID-19.


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