The Biblical Design Pattern for Raising Children Who Have Godly Character


  • Magdalena Pranata Santoso Petra Christian University, Surabaya


Biblical design, godly character, children education


In this post modern era where people in the society are becoming more secular,  some parents are still dreaming to have children who have godly character.  As Christians we know the Bible taught us that children must have a character training and faith education in their very early age. It is quite important for parents to know which process design of children education applying holistic teaching and full principle of the Scriptures. First of all, by learning the biblical principles of children education, based on the Bible, parents and educators may know the principles,  focuses, processes, and the basics of God-centered children education to raise the  children to have a godly character.  Secondly, children will be able to reflect and review the biblical education process from some Bible heroes, in their childhood stage, whose lives can become good examples, have bold characters with integrity, and show strong faith and loyalty in responding God's call. Beside the previous biblical examples, we, too, learn from some spiritual leaders who are applying the spiritual disciplines of child education pattern which show wonderful characters and good reputations in church history.  Furthermore, based on Biblical principles; reflecting the system of child education and learning the spiritual discipline during very young age which some of Bible heroes and Christian leaders who have Biblical and godly characters, and spiritual leaders' pattern of Child Education throughout church history, will make the biblical design pattern of children education to have godly character.





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