Use of Internet Facilities in Learning among Science Education Undergraduates in South Eastern Nigerian Universities


  • Ebele Chinelo Okigbo Department of Science Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, P.M.B 5025 Awka
  • Josephine Nwanneka Okoli


Nigeria, Internet, Gender attitude, Science Education


The research assessed the use of internet facilities in learning by Science Education Undergraduates in South- Eastern Nigerian Universities. Descriptive survey design was adopted which employed a sample of 700 students from Federal and State owned Universities. Questionnaire on Internet Usage (QIU) was used for data collection which was validated and the coefficient of internal consistency was 0.87. Data were analyzed using mean, percentage and t-test. The findings showed that: 57.5% of the University Science Education undergraduates make use of the internet facilities in learning; many ICT skills on internet browsing were not possessed by the students; and male University Science Education students differ significantly in their mean attitude towards internet usage from the female students, male students have more positive attitude than females. The study recommended that University management and lecturers should infuse the internet into education system which would give students more reasons to explore it.


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