Knowledge Transfer in Postgraduate Research and Education


  • Ramadas Narayanan School of Engineering & Technology; CQ University
  • Samir Lemes Mechanical Engineering Faculty; University of Zenica
  • Sead Spuzic School of Engineering; University of South Australia
  • Dennis Mulcahy School of Natural and Built Environments, University of South Australia
  • Silvia Pignata School of Engineering; University of South Australia
  • Faik Uzunovic Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science; University of Zenica
  • Kym Fraser Office Research IEE, Barbara Hardy Institute; University of South Australia


Postgraduate, Education, Research, Knowledge, Transfer


The purpose of this paper is to diagnose and suggest remedies for issues in postgraduate research such as lack in transparency, sharing and application of existing and newly created knowledge. A multidisciplinary team  identified the critical factors in large industrial systems, the nodes that are the most amenable to improvement, and how can such improvements be actualized. An actual case of postgraduate research project was selected to present an important agenda recognized across the socioeconomic domains: how to contribute to the sustainability of large industrial systems. Key aspects included searching for information located in industrial databases, and exploring the pathways for two-way transfer of knowledge between academe and industry. The issues that might hinder the developing, sharing and application of newly created knowledge are identified as follows: ambiguous records of existing knowledge, isolationism in industrial databases, misalignments in the hierarchy of research priorities, communication circuit-breaks slowing down the application of research findings. This can be overcome by focusing on the inherent intentions and beliefs, and by improving the knowledge  transparency due to the advances in the Internet and knowledge sharing networks.

Postgraduate research and  education can increase knowledge and generate innovation. Knowledge is a probability intensifier for contemplated actualizations. Something can be evaluated as understood only if significantly increases the  probability of objectivization. The perspective of interaction between unmanned and manned systems, and the rise of the open networks for sharing interdisciplinary knowledge, present new avenues for enhancing the transfer and application of knowledge at unprecedented rates.


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