Stakeholders Perception on the Impact of the UNICEF Supported School Feeding Programme on Schooling


  • B. E. Uwameiye Department of Vocational & Technical Education Faculty of Education Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


Perception, Parents, Impact, School Feeding Programme, Pupils 


This study investigated the perception of stakeholders on the impact of the school feeding programme on schooling of pupils in FCT Abuja. The research design adopted for this study was the expo-facto. A total of 180 teachers and 25 policy implementers responded to the questionnaire. Two structured questionnaire were used to obtain data from teachers and policy makers. The data obtained were analysed using mean and standard deviation. Based on the analysis, these were the findings that; Teachers were positively disposed to the programme because of the numerous benefits among which is that it helps pupils to remain in school and affect their academic performance. Policy implementers are interested in the school feeding programme because of its benefits to pupils, but expressed fears of its financial involvement. Based on these findings, it was therefore recommended that: The Federal Government of Nigeria should promulgate policies that will focus on how the school feeding programme can be effectively implemented in all the states in Nigeria.



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