The Role of ICT-based HR Education, As the Key to Success Facing AEC 2015


  • Wuwuh Asrining Surasmi Universitas Terbuka UPBJJ Surabaya


MEA, education, and HR


Indonesia at the end of 2015 will face the Asean Economic Community (AEC). Seminars and studies were held to deal with it. Education, is a tremendous strength and have access to all aspects of life, gives energy also has the invaluable value to grip the human race. And re-education of the human resources is key to face the MEA 2015.

How can educational institutions in the face of the MEA? As well said by Hermawan Kartajaya. According to him, Indonesia is currently with a population of approximately 250 people and productive age demographic bonus, will be the target market and the nine ASEAN member countries. "This is what should be our common concern. This is what should be the focus of education. According to Professor Malik Fajar "The world is increasingly open and compete to position themselves to be in the forefront, in producing works of superior and seize every opportunity and the opportunities open in the job market, the market for various types of products, services and technology has become a reality inevitable. The competition is no longer limited to the world of business, investment, industry and economics, but also in the fields of education, arts and culture, "he explained.
For this reason, the former Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is reiterated that in order to exist and survive in the midst of a competitive life, it requires large amounts of human resources with a competitive advantage.

"As said Philip Katter, to enter and" won "the competition was necessary human resources in large quantities which have excellent ability in the use of" intangible assets ", ie knowledge (knowladge), the competence of learning (learning competence), and networks (networking). Herein lies the problem as well as challenges that must be addressed by the world of education, especially the education of Muhammadiyah, including trips UMY now in 34th year, "he explained.
MEA is a form of cooperation between Indonesia and all the countries in ASEAN. This partnership is a further form of the relations of cooperation which have been initiated earlier. MEA itself will begin on December 31, 2015.

MEA cooperation in the fields of politics and security, Economics, Education, Social and Cultural Rights. What will be done by the Indonesian education to address the challenges of this MEA?


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