Education is a System


  • Dra Zuwirna M.Pd Educational Technology Program Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology Padang State University Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia


system, education, open system.


Education is the effort to develop human’s potentials of the students, such as their physical creations, tastes and  intentions/works as well, therefore their potential come to be real and functioned in their own life. Basic of an Education is human’s universal dreams or wishes. The aims of education is preparing a person as an individual to have balance in his/her united organs harmoniously and dynamically to achieve the aims of the man’s life. To achieve the education aims, a System is needed to use all important sources to implement the mechanism of education itself. Education is as a system, include sum of components, such as input, output, instrumental input, environmental input.


Education system can be in effect as an open system that is continuously linked to its outside environment and influenced by its environment as well.Therefore it happens a process of giving and taking information, energy and all available materials in the environment.


The use of analysis system in education aims is to maximize the achievements of the education objective efficiently and effectively through systematical thinking process. If close education system is implemented, the conduction of education activities would be implemented in a way of instruction or teaching corridor.  In other way, the open system tends to be implemented in a way of  guiding and caring


Author Biography

Dra Zuwirna M.Pd, Educational Technology Program Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology Padang State University Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

FIP Universitas negeri Padang Indonesia


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