Extraction of Carotenoid Extracts from Kumquat Waste by Polarity Solvent and Investigation of Its antioxidant Power

Fatemeh Shooshtari, Vahid Hakimzadeh


Carotenoids can be used as nutritional supplements, pigments, and natural antioxidants in food industry. Carotenoids extant in fruits and vegetables are recognised as an effective antioxidant in various nutritional systems. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of different polarity solvent on the carotenoid contents of Kumquat fruit wastes. Solvents such as methanol, ethyl acetate, and ethanol at 25 and 45°C were employed in the extraction process. The antioxidant activity of these extracts was investigated by the widely used DPPH, FRAP, total phenol method and the β-carotene linoleic acid test. The results based on antioxidant power indicated that the most suitable condition for extraction of carotenoids was the use of ethyl acetate solvent at 40°C.



Antioxidant, Carotenoid, Ethyl Acetate, Kumquat, Total Phenol

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