Changes in Protease Activity and Proteins in Naked Oats (<i>Avena nuda</i> L.) during Germination


  • Liang-Liang Zhang
  • Jian-Guo Xu


Naked oat, Protein, Protease activity, Germination


Changes in protease activity, the content and composition of proteins were investigated during germination of naked oats. Compared with raw groats, an increase in protease activity from oat groats was continuously observed, and it increased by 252% and reached the maximum at stage G60; the crude protein and prolamin increased basically in the content, and they increased by 10.35%, 18.33% at the end of germination respectively; while the levels of albumin, globulin, glutelin, soluble and insoluble protein first increased and then decreased during germination. The protease activity correlated highly with the content of different protein fractions but globulin during germination.


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