Effect of Strategic Timelines on the Performance of Technical Training Institutions in Meru County, Kenya


  • George Mungiria Muthaa Chuka University




Strategic timelines and Performance


Organizational performance is important in justifying its existence and resources allocation. To enhance performance Strategic plans have been identified as useful management tools to achieving competitive advantage. Technical Training institutions have been operating with strategic plans for at least the last ten years; however no systematic study has been carried out to investigate the influence of the strategic timelines on the performance of the institutions. The current study sought to investigate the effect of the strategic timelines on performance of Technical Training Institutions in Meru County. The study used cross sectional descriptive survey research design. The survey was conducted with the top, middle and lower level management of the institutions.  Questionnaires were used for data collection. Data was analyzed by use of both descriptive and inferential statistics including frequencies, percentages, means, correlations and the regression analyses. The findings were presented in tables and figures. The study established that timelines having a significant influence on performance. The government policy enhanced the effectiveness of the strategic timelines on the performance of technical training institutions. The researcher recommends the alignment of the institutional philosophy, priorities, innovations and collaborations to the institutional strategic plans which could improve the performance of Technical Training Institutions.

Author Biography

George Mungiria Muthaa, Chuka University

Chuka University, Departement of Education

Senior lecturer


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