The Changing Nature of Academic Libraries Service Delivery: Taking the Library with You!


  • Vera Nkiruka Akpokodje University of Jos PMB 2084, Jos Plateau State Nigeria
  • Vicki Lawal University of Jos PMB 2084, Jos Plateau State Nigeria


mobile technologies, academic library services, Nigeria


The fundamental objective of a library is to make available reliable information to their clientele in a timely, accurate, pertinent manner. With the advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which allows easy access to information in a convenient form, the traditional methods of accessing library services are being altered. Academic libraries are changing their methods of service delivery; they are experimenting with mobile devices and providing services to support the information needs of their users irrespective of time or distance. This paper presents findings from a study undertaken to examine the prospects for the application of mobile technologies at the University of Jos library, Nigeria.

Author Biographies

Vera Nkiruka Akpokodje, University of Jos PMB 2084, Jos Plateau State Nigeria

Systems Librarian

Vicki Lawal, University of Jos PMB 2084, Jos Plateau State Nigeria

Law Librarian


Vera Akpokodje and Vicki Lawal. A Review of Literature on using Mobile Technologies to Change the Nature of University Library Service Delivery in Institutions of Higher Learning. Paper Presented at the 53rd Annual National Conference of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) 22nd-27th June 2014.

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