Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Natural Entomopathogenic Fungi


  • Fatma Gül Özçelik KahramanmaraÅŸ Sütcü Ä°mam University
  • Özlem Güven KahramanmaraÅŸ Sütcü Ä°mam University,


entomopathogenic fungi, soil, molecular identification, Beauveria bassiana


In this study, entomopathogenic fungi were isolated from soil samples collected from the central villages of Kahramanmaras wheat fields and Baskonus forests. Development characteristics of isolates on artificial medium, microscopic examination of the morphological structures and molecular characterization were performed. Observed sequence results were compared with database sequence using Blast and phylogenetic tree was drawn. Beauveria bassiana (14), Fusarium oxysporum (8), F. solani (1), Aspergillus flavus (4) and Penicillium sp. (1) were identified as entomopathogenic fungi species in given area.

Author Biographies

Fatma Gül Özçelik, Kahramanmaraş Sütcü İmam University

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology

Özlem Güven, Kahramanmaraş Sütcü İmam University,

Biology Department


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