The Effect of Servant Leadership on Satisfaction of University Community Service Activity


  • Youngmi Moon baeksuk art university, social welfare department professor


Servant Leadership, Service Activity


The purpose of research is to find ways to emit true social leaders through servant leadership in college. Analyzing the effect of servant leadership on the satisfaction of social service activity, it showed positive effect on satisfaction of social service activity. This study used SPSS ver. 19.0 in December 2016 for 108 university students in Seoul, Korea. Statistical data were processed and the significance level was set at p <0.05. The detailed statistical analysis method was demographic and social statistics, independent sample t-test and multiple regression analysis.

Therefore, it is considered that more personality education should be preceded in order to support more students to continue their activities while rewarding their service activities. In particular, in order to grow students into leaders who contribute to society, curriculum and activities should be provided to internalize servant leadership rather than traditional leadership.


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