Public Administration Research in Tanzania: An Assessment of Journal Publications, 2007-2014


  • Ramadhani Marijani Lecturer-Tanzania Public Service College P.O.BOX1534, Singida, Tanzania



Public administration, public administration research, theory


Public administration has been given a cold shoulder by some of its sister disciplines within the social sciences probably due to lack of the theoretical basis and perennial reliance on related disciplines to explain and direct, and inform rigor and relevance. On the contrary, science is informed by theory to investigate, explain and predict the phenomena because any scientific investigation and/or explanation have to be grounded on certain article of faith to develop new rigor and influence its relevance. In this setting, this article attends Tanzania Public Administration Research. An analysis was done by appraising two journals hosted by Mzumbe University in Tanzania namely the Journal of Policy and Leadership (JOPL) and the Uongozi, the Journal of Management and Development Dynamics from 2007 to 2014 in order to establish the contribution of research in the field. A database of 80 articles was compiled, including 49 articles from JOPL and 31 from the Uongozi. Content analysis and triangulation of the findings from the five main analytical variables that is: research topic; research purpose; research methodology; research focus; and institutional funding findings obtained by and large illustrate that there has been little theory development in Tanzania public administration research. In order to improve public administration research particularly in Tanzanian context, causing reasons are provided and the article proposes remedial interventions.

Author Biography

Ramadhani Marijani, Lecturer-Tanzania Public Service College P.O.BOX1534, Singida, Tanzania

Ramadhani Marijani is currently the Assistant Lecturer at Tanzania Public Service College. Besides training, Ramadhani has been a team member in undertaking numerous process consulting interventions both in the public domain and the private sector. He has submitted the PhD Desertation titled " Decentralization and Service Delivery in Tanzania" at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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