The Simulated Location Accuracy of Integrated CCGA for TDOA Radio Spectrum Monitoring System in NLOS Environment

Yao-Tang Chang, Hsu-Chih Cheng, Chi-Lin Wu


Since the multipath effect is usually occurred in metropolitan area, the location error resulting from non-line of sight (NLOS) is appeared and then significantly decay the location accuracy of time difference of arrival (TDOA) radio spectrum monitoring system. In this study, the proposed integrated cross-correlation and genetic algorithm (integrated CCGA) scheme for previous works by current authors was investigated and evaluated under NLOS environment. In current simulation before the practical experiment in the future work, the location accuracy of proposed CCGA is approximately same as those of the conventional Fang approaching while transmitter (i.e, is referred as interference station) is located on the geographical position of inside of TDOA coverage area. In addition, the location accuracy of proposed CCGA is significantly better than those of the conventional Fang approaching while transmitter is located on the geographical position of outside of TDOA coverage area. Even though in NLOS environment, the simulation results show that the proposed scheme is easily to identify, locate, and remove radio interference resulting from low transmission power, burst and weak signals, or metropolitan.


Time difference of arrival (TDOA), Integrated cross-correlation and genetic algorithm (integrated CCGA), Non-line of Sight (NLOS), Radio Spectrum Monitoring System (RSMS)

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