Utilization of Mathematical Frame Work in Bridge Deformation Monitoring


  • F. Zarzoura Department of Higher Geodesy, Siberian State Geodesy Academy, Novosibirsk
  • R. Ehigiator– Irughe GeoSyatems and Environmental Engineering, 140 2nd East Circular Road, Benin City
  • B. Mazurov Department of Higher Geodesy, Siberian State Geodesy Academy, Novosibirsk


DGPS, RTK, Klobucher model, Hopfield, Saastimoinen and IGS


Bridges are widely used in the construction for traffic and transportation solutions. In the long-term process of use, due to the influence of various factors as material aging, load effect and environmental change, a certain degree of deformation will occur to the foundation and superstructure of the bridge, the long-term monitoring for the deformation of the bridge as well as its influencing factors and the establishment of mathematical models for predicting deformation will contribute to the maintenance and management of large bridge. Bridges deformation can be monitored by using geodetic method such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and the conventional method. However, as the technical feasibility of using GPS for recording relative displacements has been proven, the challenge issue for users is to determine how to make use of the relative displacements being recorded. This work proposes a mathematical framework that supports the use of Real Time Kinematics (RTK)-GPS data for structural monitoring and suggests some equation for the prediction of deformation with time.



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