Performance Evaluation Model for Used Motor Vehicle


  • Oyekola Morufu Oduola 1Prototype Engineering Development Institute Ilesa, Osun State
  • Adelana Rasaki Adetunji


Reliability, Performance, Used Engine


In Nigeria, the need for reliability of performance of engines of used vehicles has become a major concern for a number of reasons ranging from safety pollution and degradation of environment to high cost of repairs. It is therefore imperative to find a means to determine the level of performance of these fairly used imported vehicle engines, Sequel to this, a mathematical model was developed. The mathematical model (PINDEX) is a specialized model for determining the performance level of the engine of fairly used imported vehicle. The model was validated using Mathematics Laboratory (MATLAB) program with data from 1990 model Nissan Primera. The result from validation gave the performance index value, for the vehicle used, of 8.8019 x 10-29 . This implies that the reliability of this vehicle model is almost nil after twenty years of usage.



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