Centralized Transformer Monitoring using GPRS


  • Ruby Jose
  • Anoop C. P
  • Stephin Joesph


GPRS, Microcontroller, Transformer Monitoring


In order to provide effective and wireless supervision based on newest technology, a monitoring and control systems for transformers utilizing the GPRS system is introduced here. The voltage in the three phase lines that comes to the transformer may drop or cut-off if there is any problem in the power line. Also if the transformer develops any error internally, the temperature in the transformer rises. Here a system is developed that can be fitted in the transformers to monitor the power line faults and internal errors. This device monitors the power lines, reads the values and calculates parameters like true RMS voltage and RMS current. The device detects high voltage, low voltage and short circuit in power line. Also it checks overheat and liquid level of the transformer. It also has a dedicated microcontroller to control the operation.


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