Prediction of Optimum Moisture Content of Soil using Genetic Algorithm


  • Fasna M B MG University
  • Fathima Zuhara T. N. MG University
  • Sowmya V. Krishnankutty


Optimum Moisture Content, Genetic Model, c-Õ“ soil, index properties


A genetic model for the prediction of compaction parameter ‘Optimum moisture content’ is developed in this project. It is difficult to obtain OMC directly from the field, because it needs lot of effort and time by using laboratory method. The development of OMC from index properties of soils helps to reduce this effort. The considered index properties in this project are liquid limit, plastic limit, percentage fines, percentage sands, percentage gravels and specific gravity. The development and verification of the genetic model was done using a large database with 200 case histories from various sources and Geo Technical Engineering Laboratories from Ernakulum district, Kerala. The dataset mainly is of c-Փ soils. The correlation of predicted data with actual measurements was found out and got to know that the genetic algorithm method have good degree of accuracy.

Author Biographies

Fasna M B, MG University


Civil engineering department

Fathima Zuhara T. N., MG University


Civil engineering department


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