The Influence of Motivation on Commitment of Employees at Fisheries Polytechnics of Tual


  • Jamaludin Kabalmay fisheries polytechnics of tual
  • Aida Vitayala Hubeis
  • Sukiswo Dirdjosuparto


commitment, motivation, Fisheries Polytechnic of Tual.


In attempts to achieve the organization's progress, Fisheries Polytechnic of Tual encounters several problems related to the behavior of employees in purpose of improving the employees and organizational performance. The existence of these problems has an impact on employment that cannot be resolved in line with expectations and the time specified, so it becomes very important research of organizational commitment through motivation of employees. Motivational factors have a significant influence on commitment of employees. The higher the motivation, the higher the commitment of employees will be. As for the organizational commitment, the highest correlation is affective commitment.




Author Biography

Jamaludin Kabalmay, fisheries polytechnics of tual

department of agribusiness, fisheries polytechnic of tual, south-east mollucas, indonesia


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