Strategic Staffing and Motivation in the Nigerian Civil Service (Kaduna State as a Case Study)

Olaniyan Timothy A., Olaniyan Enoch J., Ayangbekun Oluwafemi J.


The study "strategic staffing study of Kaduna state civil commission both by academic and service commission continue to be well-research topic both by academic and commercial firms. The aim of strategic staffing and motivation is to have well motivated employee as well as having managers with the possibility to motivate others. The focus is on the factors managers use to motivate employees and differences regarding gender and age. The purpose with the study is to provide a better understanding of the employee motivation issues in Kaduna state government, with emphasis on the five selected ministries in Kaduna state, Nigeria. i.e. Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources, Education, Town Planning, water Resources and Youth and Sports. The findings show that motivation in its various forms has a direct impact on the performance Of employees. Today employees are more motivated by intrinsic factors rather than extrinsic which dominated in the past, but none of the two can be overlooked by managers when motivating their employees, It is recommended that both internal and external motivational factors should be explored by managers while managers themselves should be performance driven, an attribute which is a motivational factor in itself. Survey method was used in the research and simple percentages were also used in the interpretation of the data analysis.



Employee, Ministry, Motivation, Strategic

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