Strategy and Strategic Management: The Search for the Missing Link


  • Joan E. Ricart IESE Business School
  • Francisco J. Garrido Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain


strategy, strategist, strategic thinking, wisdom, decision making, cooperation, strategic competition


In this paper, we describe how strategists must deal with balancing the dynamic tension generated by the possible intermeshing of “illusory†and “past†elements in strategic decision-making for either cooperation or competition. These possibilities weaken the collapsing alternative of searched reality. They also recall past problems which reoccur in the present decision making, which doesn’t do anything more than limit the possibilities (digging into past difficulties as if they still exist is, at least, a waste of time). Looking towards the future (there is no other possibility in the strategic field) and knowing how to select what is relevant from the past for decision making is an act of balance, wisdom and survival for companies and countries in the whole world.

Author Biographies

Joan E. Ricart, IESE Business School

Postgraduate Professor & Researcher

Francisco J. Garrido, Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain

Postgraduate Professor & Practitioner


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