Effects of Pretreatment Protocols on Seed Germination of <i>Irvingia gabonensis</i> (Aubry-lecomte exo’Rorke) Baill


  • I. R. Udosen
  • S. M. Sam University of Port Harcourt


pretreatment, seed germination, Irvingia gabonensis


Seeds from freshly picked fruit of Irvingia gabonensisvar gabonensis with an average moisture content of 50.5% fail to germinate within 60 days after sowing (DAS). Seeds slowly dried at 25oC for 12 – 24 hours to a moisture content of 35.1 – 25.1% and rehydrated to an estimated moisture content of 40.5 – 31.3% gave 100% germination. There was a positive correlation and significant (P > 0.01) relationship between the moisture content and germinability when seeds were freshly picked and dried at both 25oC and 35oC. This study shows that freshly picked fruit of Irvingia gabonenesis slowly dried at 25oC for 12 – 24 hours and rehydrated can enhance germination.

Author Biography

S. M. Sam, University of Port Harcourt

Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology

Lectuere 1


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