Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Total Flavonoid from Peanut Hull using Ionic Liquid Solution


  • Shaoying Zhang
  • Yanbo Li
  • Ziying Liu
  • Xiaoke Zhang
  • Meiyan Wang
  • Danrui Zhao


peanut hull, total flavonoid, ionic liquid, ultrasonic


The total flavonoid of peanut hull was extracted usingionic liquid (1-butyl-3- methylimidazolium bromide) combined withultrasonic. The result showed that total flavonoid yield ofpeanut hull increased with the concentration enhancement of ionic liquid andreached to a higher value at 1.2 mol/L of ionic liquid. Andtotal flavonoid yield was higher when the peanut hull was treated withlower frequency or larger power ultrasonic as well. It first increased and thendecreased with ultrasonic treatment time extension or temperature increase. Themost suitable condition for extraction of total flavonoid from peanut hull was1.2 mol∕L of ionic liquid, 300W of Ultrasonic power, and 45 kHz of ultrasonic frequency, and the peanut hull was treated for 8 min at 60℃. Under the best condition, the total flavonoid yield of peanut hull was 3.967 mg/g.


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