Changes in Fertility of Vertisol and in the Content of Available Forms of Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn after Thirty Years of using Phosphate Fertilizers


  • Nebojsa Gudzic University of PriÅ¡tina, Faculty of Agriculture, Kopaonička bb, LeÅ¡ak, Serbia
  • Miroljub Aksić
  • Jasmina Knežević
  • SlaviÅ¡a Gudžić


long-term fertilization, Vertisol, phosphate fertilizer, microelements


A long-term application of mineral fertilizers affects many soil properties, including the content of essential microelements. This study has been conducted to determine the effect of thirty years of using two doses of phosphorus (80 and 160 kg ha-1) on major agrochemical properties of Vertisol in leaching (pH, Y1, the content of organic matter, total N, total P, total K, available P, and available K), as well as the content of available forms of certain microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu, and Zn). The research has been carried out on a stationary model farm in Kragujevac in central Serbia. A long-term, continuous application of phosphate fertilizers in the surface layer has had a less effect on the acidification of Vertisol than nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, at the same time, it has significantly contributed to the increase in total and available phosphorus. Thirty years of fertilization, both by type of fertilizer and the amount of phosphorus used, has had a different effect on the content of available forms of microelements. Fertilization with nitrogen and potassium has had the greatest effect on the contents of Fe and Zn. A long-term use of phosphate fertilizers has led to a reduction in available forms of Mn and Cu in the surface layer.


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