Pathology of Videos Effects on People's Behavioral and Attitude Patterns


  • Fatemeh Mohamadi


culture, subculture, socialization, pathology, film


The culture is the foundation of any society, as while linking different elements of society, through the creation of social forms of behavior, is coordinating the activities of the individuals of society. But as Durkheim also stated in every society beside the common way of behavior, unusual shapes of behavior can be seen. About the creation origin of these unusual attitudinal and behavioral forms there are different opinions. Some, such as the Chicago school of ecology, looked for its origin in the social deviant subcultures. But it seems that this function in modern times has been transferred to films. Today by the testimony of many experts and based on many studies that have been done in this regard, the film are one of the most important sources of social and cultural patterns production and changing. In this article we have tried to examine the role of film in extending social affected patterns by using the historical- documentary method.


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