Characterization of Cotton Seed and Simarouba Oil Blend and Exploration of its Suitability as an Alternate Fuel for CI Engine


  • Ramakrishna N. Hegde
  • Jagadesh Bantwal


Transesterification, Hybrid vegetable oil, cotton seed oil, simarouba oil


Rapid growth in Transportation, Industrialization and Civilization from time to time is resulting in continuous increasing demand for energy. At the same time the decreasing petroleum resources has led to the search for alternative fuels which is renewable and sustainable. Day by day depletion of liquid fossil fuels makes it very necessary to find out an alternative liquid fuel like biodiesel. In this paper, an attempt is made to blend cotton seed and Simarouba oils in equal quantity, produced from the seeds of cotton seed and Simarouba respectively. Biodiesel resulting out of cotton seed and Simarouba oil blend was further subjected to esterification and trans-esterification process. Production optimization of biodiesel was done using heterogeneous (MgPO4) as catalyst and the various properties of this blend are evaluated to explore its suitability as an alternate fuel. Characterization and subsequent comparison of various properties viz., flash point, cloud and pour point, density and specific gravity, viscosity, ash content and carbon residue, with ASTM prescribed standards suggested that the proposed blend  B50-50 is a potential candidate to qualify as an alternate fuel for a CI engine


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