Application of Synthesized CaO/MgO Catalyst on Transesterification of Jatropha Curcas Seed Oil


  • Haruna Ibrahim National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria-Nigeria
  • D. C.U Nwakuba
  • G. Abubakar
  • B. E. Nwobi


clean product, high yield, low temperature, short reaction time


In looking for solution to the problems associated with the use of homogeneous catalysts, locally produced hydrated lime was mixed 50:50 with magnesium oxide to incipient, dried and calcined at 7600C for 30 minutes. Five runs of transesterification reactions were carried out using this synthesized catalyst (CaO/MgO) with jatropha curcas seed oil and methanol at 600C for five different times; 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 minutes. The yields of 98.4, 99.0, 98.3, 98.1 and 100.0% respectively were achieved with catalyst loading of 1.5%w/w of oil and 5.5:1 methanol to oil ratio.  The catalyst was separated out by filtration. With short reaction time and low temperature, clean biodiesel can be produced with relatively little equipment.


Author Biography

Haruna Ibrahim, National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria-Nigeria

Petrochemical Division, Petrochemical & Allied Department


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Ibrahim, H., Nwakuba, D. C., Abubakar, G., & Nwobi, B. E. (2013). Application of Synthesized CaO/MgO Catalyst on Transesterification of Jatropha Curcas Seed Oil. Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology, 1(5). Retrieved from

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