The Analysis of Selected Factors Influence on the Fuel Consumption


  • Vladimír Rievaj
  • Zuzana Majerová Department of Road and Urban Transport, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Žilina


human factors, the change of Earth’s climate, the industry, traffic, vehicle, fuel consumption, greenhouse gases


It is undisputed that people are largely responsible for the increasing value of emissions in the atmosphere. Mass use of motor vehicles, which are concentrated near the residences of the population is a reason for develop more pressure to reduce emissions just for this group of vehicles. In spite of ongoing efforts to reduce emissions from road transport, the results are not satisfactory because the transportation needs of society are still increasing. Produced emissions from road transport have a negative impact on the deepening problem of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is responsible for average value of atmospheric temperature which is constantly increasing. The increase in temperature causes the melting of glaciers and so connected increase in world sea levels, which can lead to disastrous changes of climate and weather on the planet. The article is focused on the analyses of the fuel consumption in the context of its environmental aspects according to factors like engine temperature, air temperature and type of tires because it is necessary to decrease vehicle consumption for slowing down of environmental warming.




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