Development of a Web Academic Appeal Portal: A KMS Approach


  • Mary Ann C. Paguio
  • Irena C. Taguinod
  • Salvacion Domingo


Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management System, KM Model, Academic Appeal, K-means, Web Portal, Prototyping


The study is a development of Web Academic Portal using a Knowledge Management System (KMS) Approach. The application of KM is a new branch of learning and a way of finding what is needed in the firm or organization that includes KM activities such as: discovering of a new knowledge, capturing the subsisting knowledge, sharing and applying knowledge that KM will provide the benefits in a cost-effective fashion (Irma Becerra-Fernandez, 2004).


The study answered the following questions: 1.) What is the KM Model to be used in the proposed study? 2.) What are the features of the proposed study? and 3.)What is the appropriate algorithm to be used on the proposed study?


The output of the research is a Web Academic Portal that will help to discover, capture and utilize the knowledge and turn into intellectual assets of the organization.


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