3D Virtual Object Manipulation Interface for Virtual Surgery using Gesture Recognition


  • Ho-chul Shin Najran University
  • Jae-chan Jeong
  • Jae-il Cho


Gesture Recognition, Depth Map Generation, User Interface


In this paper we introduce long range smart TV user interface using real-time HD quality depth map and user gesture recognition. For a stable depth map generation, we designed random dot patterns, and developed DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) and an infrared laser projection module. By capturing stereo image and processing stereo matching algorithm, we developed a real-time 1280x720, 30 Hz depth map generation hardware. Using stereo image and generated depth map, we developed and integrated user detection and gesture recognition including upper body posture detection and hand pose recognition. We also introduce 3d gesture user interface with this system and virtual object 3d manipulation application. This interface will be applied to virtual surgery.





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