Fish Oil Replacement with Palm Oil and Soybean Oil in the Diet of Heterobranchus longifilis Affects Liver Biochemical Compositions


  • T. O. Babalola Department of Animal Science Landmark University Omu-Aran
  • I. O. Adejumo Department of Animal Science, Landmark University Omu-Aran
  • S. A. Bolu Department of Animal Production University of Ilorin Ilorin


Fish oil, soybean oil, palm oil, theobarbituric acid reactive substances, fatty acids, Heterobranchus longifilis


This study was undertaken to determine the effects of dietary replacement of fish oil with palm and soybean on liver biochemical composition of Heterobranchus longifilis. H. longifilis were fed one of the six diets twice daily for 10 weeks. The test diets were identical in composition, except for the supplemental lipid source which was either 100% FO (fish oil, as control), palm oil (PO), soybean oil (SO), equal blend of fish oil and palm oil (FOPO), equal blend of palm oil and soybean oil (POSO) or equal blend of fish oil, palm oil and soybean oil (FOPOSO). The results shows that the docosahexaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and the ratio n-3/n-6 were significantly reduced by the inclusion of dietary palm oil and soybean oil (P < 0.05). Similarly, the inclusion of the oils in the diet of H. longifilis reduced thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances. Our results indicated that the inclusion of PO and SO in diet reduced lipid peroxidation in fish and should therefore be used to improve product quality.

Author Biography

T. O. Babalola, Department of Animal Science Landmark University Omu-Aran

Department of Animal Science



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