Prospect of Suya Production in Maiduguri Metropolis of Borno State, Nigeria


  • A. O. Mamza University of Ibadan
  • C. C. Olumba
  • D. P. Bwala
  • S. J. Ebute


Balangu, Suya, Tsire, Gross Margin Analysis, Productivity indices, likert scale.


Although; many people may be engaged in Suya production in Nigeria, the industry is basically backward and has a low improvement rate in terms of resource use efficiency and marketing. Therefore, this study examined the prospect of Suya production in Maiduguri Metropolis of Borno state. Primary data were obtained from the respondents using questionnaires. Forty Tsire and forty Balangu producers were interviewed and the data obtained were analyzed using Gross Margin Analysis, productivity indices and likert scale. The findings revealed that the estimated gross margin per ton of meat used in preparation of Tsire and Balangu was ₦1049516.82 and ₦608251.38 respectively. The returns to labor were ₦43.7 and ₦54.7 for Tsire and Balangu respectively while return to material were ₦2.5 and ₦1.9 for Tsire and Balangu respectively. Poor storage facilities with 1.67 point was the major problem for Tsire producers while high cost of facilities and credit inaccessibility each with 2.0 point are the major problems of Balangu producers. The above finding showed that Suya production is profitable and a good source of income to the producers. The study recommends provision of micro credits, storage facilities and subsidies on inputs to boost the scale of production, thereby increasing their returns.


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