EFL Student-Teachers' Evaluation and Attitude towards Using some Active Teaching Strategies on Developing Effective TEFL


  • Sumer Salman Abou Shaaban Al-Azhar University-Gaza


EFL student-teachers, evaluation, attitude, active teaching strategies, effective TEFL course


This study aimed at revealing EFL student-teachers’ evaluation and attitude towards using some active teaching strategies on developing effective TEFL course. The sample of this study consisted of (89) fourth-level student-teachers who enrolled in TEFL course in the academic year (2011/ 2012). They were divided into two groups, male (N = 32) and female (N= 57). They completed a questionnaire which consisted of (22) statements to evaluate the use of question-based and oral group presentation strategies on developing effective TEFL course. An attitude measurement included (12) statement was also completed by the same group. Frequencies, means, standard deviation, percentage, T- test and One Way ANOVA were used to analyze the data statistically. The results showed that EFL student-teachers’ highly appreciate the effect of active teaching strategies on developing TEFL course and have a positive attitude towards adopting such strategies.



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