Use of Fuzzy Matrices for the Diagnosis of Diabetes, Anaemia and Hypertension


  • Rajeev Gajanan Sapre Department of Mathematics, Gogate-Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India
  • Muktai Milind Desai Department of Mathematics , Gogate Jogalekar College , Ratnagiri ,Maharashtra, India
  • Mugdha Mahesh Pokharanakar Department of Mathematics, Gogate-Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India



Fuzzy logic, fuzzy matrices, max-min product, Chi-square test.


The mathematical model presented here aims to enhance the precision in diagnostic process of diabetes, anaemia and hypertension by means of fuzzy interface. In real life, the imprecise nature of medical documentation and uncertain information provided by patients often do not give the desired degree of confidence to the diagnosis. To that end using the capability of fuzzy logic in representing, interpreting and utilizing data and information that are vague and lack certainty, a new algorithm based on different fuzzy matrices and fuzzy relations is developed. In the process a medical knowledge base is developed with the help of 51 doctors. The model achieved 94.44% accuracy in the diagnosis, which shows its usefulness. To implement this model-based diagnosis procedure a user-friendly Excel program is designed.



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Rajeev Sapre, Muktai Desai, & Mugdha Pokharanakar. (2020). Use of Fuzzy Matrices for the Diagnosis of Diabetes, Anaemia and Hypertension. Asian Journal of Fuzzy and Applied Mathematics, 8(2).